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🖉 About the Author 🖉

Ari Noble (he/they) is the head writer of Mothorial. Growing up in North Carolina, his creative career had its roots in his choir perfomances throughout his childhood, along with his interest in poetry. As he moved into high school and (some) college, Ari developed as a singer/songwriter, creating an online brand under the moniker Metajoker and performing at cons across the United States.

As a writer, Ari spent a great deal of his childhood writing short stories and, like many young authors, the beginnings of fantasy "novels" that were basically rip offs of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and never quite went anywhere. When he discovered his love for scriptwriting, Ari began taking his writing more seriously, and he and his close friend Isabel developed the early concepts for what would become Mothorial in 2017. Inspired by the fantasy of his youth, with a dash of Redwall and a hearty dose of Jeff Smith's Bone, Mothorial combines Ari's love for the emotional storytelling he already embraces in his songwriting with his fascination for complex characterization and worldbuilding.

As a nonbinary, asexual artist with generalized anxiety, Ari strives to be an advocate for both the LGBT community and those suffering from anxiety disorders, both in and out of his work. He lives with his husband Andy and two cats, Charlie and Bambi, in North Carolina. When he's not writing or songwriting, he spends his time reading (especially Stephen King), switching off between watching feel-good animated shows and dark dramas, and talking about identity and improv in his ongoing podcast, "Yes Androgyny", which he runs with his childhood best friend, Charlie Monroe.

⯎ About the Illustrator ⯎

Isabel "Izzy" Pereira (she/her) is the illustrator of Mothorial. An artist from Portugal, Izzy has been creating art and animation for a decade, getting her start as an online artist in the My Little Pony community under the name brownie97, though she now goes by IzzySqueakzy.

Izzy has always been passionate about storytelling and cute characters, and Mothorial was a natural extension of that interest. From her initial design of Ava and Ackerley in late 2017, the project has only grown in scope. Along with her work on the webcomic, Izzy has also worked on cleanup and animation for multiple student projects as well as Farfetched, created by Ashley Nichols. Whatever the project, Izzy strives to bring characters to life and develop further as an artist.

Izzy identifies as asexual and hopes to use her work to raise awareness by creating positive and meaningful representation in her storytelling and art. She continues to live in Porto, and enjoys spending her time playing Animal Crossing, staring into the endless void, and taking care of her turtle, Sebastian, her greatest muse and inspiration in life.

🎨 About the Flatter 🎨

"Ariya Eretsee" (she/her) aids in the flat color stage of Mothorial. She hails from the Nether(lands) and has had a love of story telling, character creation and world building for as long as she can remember. She finds meaning in aiding others in their creative pursuits, be it in her volunteer work where she helps people suffering from Aphasia and/or ABI express themselves through art, or in her glutinous excitement to flat color the next page. She's a bit of a hermit in lifestyle both off- and online, interested in almost all genres and forms of media, and a dork with all levels of chaos and innuendo underneath. She lives in her lovable and floofy dog Eevee's home, catering to her every need while giggling at the sounds made by her little zebra finch birds, Tiko and Tina.

🎨 About the Background Artist 🎨

Jericho "Jesse" Tabanda (they/them) is in charge of background design for Mothorial. They're from the Philippines, and have been creating art since early childhood. After getting their start posting on DeviantArt, they discovered that the world is much bigger, and that their art can make someone's day. Nowadays they post their works in a mix of Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, and Telegram communities. Since then, it's been their goal to make people's days with their art. Aside from that, they've always been interested in the process, and telling stories through art. That's why they decided to learn the ways of visual development and aspired to be a concept artist. Nowadays, they're studying in college and occasionally doing background work for this webcomic, freelance commissions, dabbling in pet projects like their artbook, Tales from the Sari-sari, inspired by the likes of Simon Stalenhag's Tales from the Loop, on top of a few others they have cooking as we speak.

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