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Posted on: May 24, 2021

Author's Notes

You may have noticed a little glow around Vex's small pouch. It's a bag of holding, and one of Vex's most prized possessions. Where did they get it? That's a story for another page.

Just so everyone knows, we'll be taking a month-long hiatus after this page, both to work on other outstanding work as well as to prepare the next setpiece, which will appear enough times and be complex enough that it's worth designing properly. In the meantime, there will be updates on Patreon, and possibly some fanart features! Thanks so much for your support so far!


RAIONA: Guess I'll see you later, then...?

CORI: Guess so.

VEX: Does Rai know there's a creature running around out there?

CORI: Of course not. I didn't tell her.

CORI: It's probably just a loose buoro or something.

VEX: Whatever it is, you're sure it won't hurt Ava?

CORI: Nah, we're just giving her a good scare.

CORI: After what she did to you...

CORI: ...It's only fair, right?

VEX: Yeah, she deserves it.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Vex, Coriander, Raiona

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