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Posted on: January 25, 2021

Author's Notes

One thing you learn (or try to learn) as you write for a comic is how to make dialogue flow and fit in a page while still allowing the art to shine! Sometimes, out of necessity, you end up with text-heavy pages like this one, and you turn to close-ups to help the art continue to stand out. Of course, when you're focusing on a lot of close-ups, you want to keep the visuals looking dynamic, which I think Izzy has done a marvelous job of here.


ACKERLEY: Hey, he froze for a moment. It kind of worked.

AVA: He was just confused.

AVA: This thing is useless.

ACKERLEY: You don't need it! You can figure it out your way.

AVA: That was my way.

ACKERLEY: No, think it over. We can't catch it by running, especially not an old codger like me.

AVA: Ackerley, you're 35.

ACKERLEY: Well, I don't think even you could outrun it.

ACKERLEY: So what should we do?

AVA: I've got it!

ACKERLEY: ...What are you thinking? A net? Maybe bait?

AVA: Stay here, and get ready.

ACKERLEY: Get ready for wh-


ACKERLEY: ...oh, dear.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava

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