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Posted on: February 15, 2021

Author's Notes

Ava and Ackerley trade off activities each weekend, which the bird fondly refers to as "Acktivities" and "Actavaties". Unsurprisingly, these names have not caught on. Ackerley's activities tend to be relaxed, with lots of reading and snacking. Ava prefers more action-packed days out in the fields around Mosswood, much to Ackerley's chagrine. Of course, being extremely protective, there's only so far Ackerley will allow the bat's "adventures" to go.


AVA: Another kingdom saved by the intrepid bat and her humble poultry assistant.

ACKERLEY: You thought fast on your feet there.

AVA: Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm the best.

ACKERLEY: So, I believe next week is an Ackerley activity. I'm thinking...cozy day in the hammocks?

AVA: Come on, can we actually go out of town and do something cool?

ACKERLEY: And miss an afternoon with a slice of pie and a good thick tome?

ACKERLEY: No, thank you.

AVA: Seriously, Ackerley, I'm kind of tired of the kit's play.

ACKERLEY: Alright, look...

ACKERLEY: I'm fine with you getting kits out of trees and chasing burlers out of fields.

ACKERLEY: I just don't want you doing anything dangerous.

AVA: Why? You don't think I can handle myself?

ACKERLEY: No, I'm sure you could. It's just...

ACKERLEY: When I found you, I promised myself I would keep you safe.

ACKERLEY: Just because you're older now doesn't change that.

AVA: When you "found me"? I was just a kit!

AVA: I'm nineteen, Ackerley!

AVA: I don't need you to baby me anymore!

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava

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