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Page 33

Posted on: October 18, 2021

Author's Notes

Give a warm welcome to Ariya, our new flatter! She's been helping out with this and the coming pages, and it's been amazing having her on the team!

In preparation for releasing these pages, Izzy and I (and our editor Charlie) had some discussions about the gameplay and design for Celestial Alignment, the board game Cort and Ackerley are playing in this scene. While we don't actually see any moves take place, we wanted to ensure that the board was designed with intention, especially because we hope to release a proper version of the game's rules in the future!


ACKERLEY: It's your turn.
CORT: When the Twins played their stargame...
CORT: you suppose they insisted on rushing so they wouldn't miss dinner?
ACKERLEY: Cort, this is a board game.
ACKERLEY: There's no stakes here.
CORT: Then why are you anxious?
ACKERLEY: I'm not anxious!
CORT: You're always anxious.
CORT: But more so than usual today.
CORT: It's Ava, isn't it?

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Cort

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