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Posted on: November 22, 2021

Author's Notes

The evolution of the shading has been one of my favorite aspects of watching Izzy bring this comic to life.


CORT: May I interject?
CORT: Ackerley, I know you're worried about Ava.
CORT: But you can't let your own past decide her future for her.
ACKERLEY: I wasn't trying to-
CORT: Hush.
CORT: Ava's capable. You know that.
CORT: Trust her, or you'll lose her.
CORT: Ava, Ackerley's been through more than you know.
CORT: Even if he does get his feathers in a knot.
CORT: This is your first time going out into the real world. He's right to be worried.
CORT: But you must guide her, not hold her back.
CORT: Take care of one another. Trust each other.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava, Cort

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