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Page 46

Posted on: March 7, 2022

Author's Notes

If you have autoplay disabled, be sure to click the audio bar at the top of the screen to listen to Ackerley's song!

Thank you so much to Brandon 'Saucy' Collier for voicing Ackerley!


ACKERLEY: Well, ‘twas an evening in the Spring, and never such as this,
The flowers and the bonny maid, their beauty and their bliss.
And I, though simply passing by,
Could not forget her grace,
The crown of lilacs in her hair, the sweetness of her face.

And in her eyes a light I saw, a glimmering like tears,
Beyond the veil, beyond the stars, beyond the scope of years
And I was but a child in
The presence of her gaze
The robe of roses on her form, the sweetness of her face.

I stopped and begged the wisdom of
This maid of endless time
To share a secret of the Spring, a reason to the rhyme,
Without a word, she took me in,
Held safe in her embrace
And all my fears, they faded in the sweetness of her face.

With but a whisper on the wind, she vanished from my sight
And though I searched, I never found the maiden from that night.
Yet still the memory clings to me,
Of that forbidden place
Where I found love and peace within the sweetness of her face.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava

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