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Posted on: May 16, 2022

Author's Notes

There is perhaps no greater motivation to write Ackerley than to see his puffy angry feathery face. Magnificent.

Side note: "Degrant" (pronounced dɛgrɪnt) is a specific insult in Mothorial. It's closest literal definition would be something like "a person who I wouldn't deign to acknowledge if I didn't have to do so." You only use this term when you're being particularly dismissive of someone.


Ackerley: Cragcliff? Is that where you degrants keep them?
Harry: Who the hell are you?
Ackerley: Answer the question!
Ackerley: Ava!
Ackerley: I'm coming, Ava!
Tybault: Should we follow him?
Harry: Nah, I'm out.
Harry: Let that thing take care of 'em. En't worth the trouble.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Tybault, Harry

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