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Posted on: June 12, 2023

Author's Notes

While I write the primary script, Izzy has plenty of additions, and I particularly love her suggestion of the word "sprigs."


Ava: What are you doing here?!
Raiona: I didn't lose the brooch Ava! It's not here!
Raiona: I'm so sorry, I had no idea about-
Ava: Is this the fastest way out?
Raiona: There's a shortcut-
Ackerley: Wait up! I can't run like you sprigs!
Ava: Hurry, get in here!
Ackerley: Oomph!
Raiona: -but we'd need that thing off our tails first!
Ackerley: It's too fast for us!
Ava: Can this thing smell us out...?
Raiona: I'm so sorry for getting you both tangled in this mess.
Ava: Tangled...

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Ackerley, Raiona

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