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Posted on: October 12, 2020

Author's Notes

Feyn were my solution to the "Goofy and Pluto" problem. In a world with anthro animal characters, feral animals can be a bit unnerving. In Mothorial, their equivalent to our animal kingdom are all fictitious creatures that Izzy and I created, while hewani are all based on real and cultural animals.


NARRATOR: The Elder was victorious, and she began her work.

NARRATOR: And so from the Elder came: Thought. Wonder. Reason. Power. Wisdom.

NARRATOR: Those who received her gift were called the Hewani. Those who did not, were called the Feyn.

NARRATOR: And those that defied her call to order, the Transgressors, were sealed behind a magical gate in the Fields of Merata, trapped in the endless void beneath the waking world.

Volume: Prologue
Tags: Prologue

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