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Posted on: November 23, 2020

Author's Notes

Seven is an important number in Mothorian culture, symbolizing the Mother, the Elder, Hewani, Feyn, the Realm of the Living, the Realm of the Dead, and the Void between them. The number used to be eight, but after the Younger's betrayal, she was removed from the count.


NARRATOR: As a punishment for brekaing their Oath, the Elder Twin decreed that her sister was forbidden from ever ruling Mothorial.

NARRATOR: The Elder did not relinquish for power to the Younger, and the world remained in perfect oder.

NARRATOR: She cast her sister into the Desolate Void, beyond the Meratan Gate, to pay for her treachery until the end of time.

NARRATOR: The greatest and wisest researchers of the ancient Magicks came together and, under the guidance of the Elder, forged a seal for the gate, a lock with seven keys - seven artifacts of great power - to prevent the Younger from ever breaking free.

Volume: Prologue
Tags: Prologue

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