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Posted on: November 26, 2020

Author's Notes

Some hewani treat the Phoenix as a scary story to make their kits do their chores. Others view the fabled Child of Fire with revulsion, preferring to omit her from the story entirely. Still others fear her, believing her to be a very real entity who must be extinguished. There have been occasional claims of sightings over the last 100 years, though many doubt that such a creature, even if she did exist at one time, could still be alive after so long, let alone after living in the wildlands so far away from civilization.

(And that's it for the Prologue! We hope you enjoyed this dive into the lore of Mothorial. Now, onward to your regular scheduled programming featuring a Bird and a Bat!)


NARRATOR: Peace and Order had returned to Mothorial, yet it forever carried the scars of memory and loss.

NARRATOR: Though most hewani sought to move past the War of the Wasteland, one, born out of fire and hatred, swore to remember.

NARRATOR: This cursed creature waited in the shadows, knowing that soon her time would come to avenge the forgotten Twin.

NARRATOR: And as long as chaos existed in the world, the Younger's power could never be vanquished.

Volume: Prologue
Characters: Younger Twin, The Phoenix
Tags: Prologue

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