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Posted on: December 17, 2020

Author's Notes

The burler is one of many creatures we designed for the world of Mothorial! They were inspired by moles and raccoons, and are seen as more of a pest than an actual threat. Some hewani even keep them as pets, though they can be a bit feisty and difficult to train.



ACKERLEY: You scared it off!

AVA: Come on, Ackerley! You think we can't keep up with it? Maybe this job's too intense for you.

ACKERLEY: Ah, but don't forget - it's not a job, Ava. It's a quest!

AVA: Sorry, a quest.

ACKERLEY: Yes, Ava, a quest!

ACKERLEY:The Lady Gretchen has sent us out into her ancient field of wheat to make battle with the ferocious burler that has been eating her kingdom's crops.

ACKERLEY: If we're victorious, we will be rewarded with one of her renowned swiftberry pies.

AVA: That's the story we're going with? I don't think the words "ferocious" and "burler" have ever appeared in the same sentence.

ACKERLEY: I'm working with what I've got. Let's see you do better.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava, burler

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