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Posted on: December 28, 2020

Author's Notes

As you've probably noticed, we like our varied fonts and custom speech bubbles here on the Mothorial team. One of the benefits of using handdrawn speech bubbles is the ability to customize them to match the particular speech patterns of any given line, and while we do have a main font that we chose for the comic, switching to alternatives from time to time to help deliver specific lines is a really fun way to bring the characters to life!


ACKERLEY: There it is!

AVA: I thought we didn't wanna "scare it off"?

ACKERLEY: I think I've got it! I-


AVA: Fruit, this thing is fast!

ACKERLEY: Go on without me, Ava. I have been defeated. The ferocious burler has taken me down.

ACKERLEY: Tell my children...I love them...

AVA: Oh, get up, you drama hen.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ackerley, Ava, burler

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