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Posted on: March 15, 2021

Author's Notes

The Hillandale was a blast to design, and Izzy initially modeled it in 3d! I have a secret dream of eventually making the tavern a fully explorable place in VR. Who wouldn't want to hang out in a cozy tavern in a tree?


AVA: Hey, Gabby!

GABBY: What'll you be having today, Ava?

AVA: A silver cider, please!

GABBY: What's the occasion?

AVA: I saved Gretchen's crops from the untold destruction of a dispicably evil burler.

GABBY: You did, did'ya?

AVA: Something like that.

AVA: Anyone interesting show up today?

GABBY: More than usual!

GABBY: Langley, the antelope, just came home from travelling.

GABBY: Alyx, the fellow in the back? He's all the way from Greyhurst.

GABBY: And Wanderer, the bat over there, is in town for a hunt.

AVA: A bat? Where're they from?

GABBY: Sutton, I think.

GABBY: Don't get bats around here very often. 'Cept you, of course.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Gabby, Langley, Alyx, Wanderer

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