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Posted on: March 22, 2021

Author's Notes

As an artist/writer duo, Izzy and I work hard to ensure that we can fit a good amount of text on each page while still giving the art a chance to shine. This process involves writing the script, creating thumbnails, taking a second pass of the script, sketching the page, doing a third pass of the script, and finally creating the speech bubbles with the final art. I'll be writing a more in depth breakdown as a Writer's Blog on the Patreon!


AVA: Has he told you any stories?

GABBY: Hun, everyone tells me stories. Most of them are dull as podstone. He claims he saw a big feyn in the Grey Pines.

WANDERER: Hardly a feyn! A monster's what it was!

AVA: A monster? Near the town?!

WANDERER: It's a glaarcus. Biggest one I've ever seen, too!

GABBY: A glaarcus in the Grey Pines?

WANDERER: I was just as surprised as you are, believe me!

AVA: Sounds like someone needs to go stop it before it reaches the town!

GABBY: Whatever he saw, I think you should leave well enough alone.

GABBY: The Grey Pines are no place for a youngin'.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Gabby, Wanderer

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