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Posted on: April 26, 2021

Author's Notes

As a gecko-bearded dragon, Vex is a relatively uncommon example of a species mix. In general, when two hewani have a child, that child ends up displaying only the characteristics of one of the two. While Ava, Cori, and Raiona are all monospecies, Ackerley, as a goose-pheasant, is another example of a mix.


VEX: It's about Ghoul's Eve.

AVA: Yeah, I get that you're still mad.

VEX: The past's in the past.

AVA: I know you don't believe that.

CORI: Of course you'd say that.

AVA: What's your problem?

VEX: She's tired of the drama.

VEX: Yeah, we said stuff, but it was just kit's wool.

AVA: You said you hated me!

AVA: You told everyone I was a horrible friend!

VEX: Well, it was your stupid idea that ruined everything!

AVA: I knew it! You're still upset!

VEX: Just calling it like it is!

VEX: If you hadn't run from a fruitin' fyera cub, none of this would've happened!

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Vex, Coriander, Raiona

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