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The Magic of Reading! (Art by Caytlin Vilbrandt)

Posted on: August 9, 2021

Author's Notes

The magic of reading trancends all ages, and what is a story if not for sharing?

Thank you so much to Caytlin Vilbrandt for her marvelous work on this bonus comic! You can find more of her work on her webcomic Tamberlane at!


ACKERLEY: Time for bed, Ava!

AVA: Can we read a story first?

ACKERLEY: Well, that's a first. Of course we can!

AVA: Can we read this one? Pleeeease?

ACKERLEY: That one's really rare, Ava.

ACKERLEY: It's for looking, not for reading.

AVA: What's the point of a book if you can't read it?


Volume: Extras
Chapter: Guest Comics
Characters: Ava, Ackerley
Tags: Bonus Comics

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