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Posted on: May 24, 2021

Author's Notes

You may have noticed a little glow around Vex's small pouch. It's a bag of holding, and one of Vex's most prized possessions. Where did they get it? That's a story for another page.


RAIONA: Guess I'll see you later, then...?

CORI: Guess so.

VEX: Does Rai know there's a creature running around out there?

CORI: Of course not. I didn't tell her.

CORI: It's probably just a loose buoro or something.

VEX: Whatever it is, you're sure it won't hurt Ava?

CORI: Nah, we're just giving her a good scare.

CORI: After what she did to you...

CORI: ...It's only fair, right?

VEX: Yeah, she deserves it.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Vex, Coriander, Raiona

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