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Posted on: July 3, 2023

Author's Notes

Wow, it's been a while since we've been inside a building, hasn't it?

Thank you to CCateni for the cameos, Breakbush and Siren!


Ava: This thing was HUGE! Big as this tavern! Bigger, even!
Breakbush: And you escaped?
Gabby: All on your own?
Ava: I trapped it, but I'd've been toast without Ackerley and Raiona's help!
Breakbush: What were you doing out there?
Ava: Oh, nothing much, really.
Ava: Just trying to find someone's missing brooch.
Haffard: Sounds like a load of hot air yer blowin'.
Ava: I'm not making this up!
Siren: S'where's your proof?
Ava: Ackerley will tell you!
Haffard: Oh, I'm sure he would. He's always coddlin' ye.
Haffard: Way I figure it, lass...
Haffard: Ye come in here, those out-of-towners make us look bad...
Haffard: Ye want in on the action.
Ava: Are you calling me a liar?
Haffard: All I'm sayin', ye want a seat at the gaffer's table...
Haffard: best stop serving up fantasies.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Breakbush, Gabby, Haffard, Siren

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