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Posted on: July 10, 2023

Author's Notes

Gabby's the best kind of bartender. He'll stick up for ya.

Thank you to CCateni for the cameos, Breakbush and Siren!


Ava: I didn't ask for your advice.
Siren: Well, we didn't ask for your stories, but here we are.
Gabby: Oi!
Gabby: Ava's got a stronger spirit than the rest of you put together.
Gabby: If she claims she bested a glaarcus, then it's hard fact, 'sfar as I'm concerned.
Haffard: Then yer as gullible as a frightened wean on Ghoul's Eve.
Siren: Next time you regale us with a story of your exploits, at least make it believable.
Siren: Scrawny kit like you against a glaarcus, I know where I place my bets.
Ava: It really happened! I swear it did!
Gabby: Mosswood's a simple town with simple ideas.
Gabby: Too small for a story like yours to fit.
Gabby: I understand why you're leaving. We were lucky to have you.
Ava: Mosswood's lucky to have you, Gabby.
Ava: I'll miss you.
Gabby: The honor is all mine, Ava Glaarcus-Tangler.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Breakbush, Gabby, Haffard, Siren

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