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Posted on: July 24, 2023

Author's Notes

We thought a while about how to represent Ava's feelings, and ended up using the board from Cort and Ackerley's board game, Celestial Alignment.

Thank you to Equestrian Wastelander for his cameo, Wanderer!


Wanderer: "Where you came from..."
Wanderer: That's not the same as who you are.
Ava: Yeah, I get that. I guess I just feel aimless right now.
Ava: My whole life...
Ava: It's like— No one in Mosswood...
Ava: They don't get...
Ava: I just wondered...
Ava: I thought maybe you'd, uh, know what bats are...good at, I guess?
Ava: Never mind, it's stupid.
Wanderer: Hey, if you wanna know, my family's from up north. A cave system near the Hiland.
Wanderer: But to tell you the truth,
Wanderer: ...when anyone asks, I tell 'em I'm from Sutton.
Wanderer: 'Swhere I chose to be.
Wanderer: I decide who I am.
Wanderer: Question is... What do you want to be?
Ava: I have no idea.
Ava: I feel like my whole life's been a game of make-believe.
Ava: None of it's real, none of it's important.
Ava: It was a game made for a kit.
Ava: And the game never ended.
Ava: ...And I'm just here.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Wanderer

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