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Morning Bread

Posted on: July 31, 2023

Author's Notes

Cort isn't Ackerley's only friend! Barley the raccoon is just a tad younger than our lovable bird, and if you come into the bakery and can't see him, you'll definitely hear the whistling from the kitchen.
Today, however, it seems that Barley's cheerful energy isn't working its magic too well. This week's break let us share this piece from 2022, a glimpse into what Vex's day-to-day life is like when not with Coriander and Raiona.

Everybody earns their coin in different ways - with their sleek rollerskates and sturdy backpack, agility and wit, Vex is the hewan Mosswood townies call when errands need attending.


Barley: Still on for tea this afternoon, Ackerley?
Ackerley: Of course! As long as you don't show up with flour all over your fur this time, Barley.
Barley: Ahhh, your books can take it!
Ackerley: Oh, Vex, you're up early! The fresh bread's best in the morning, isn't it?
Barley: Actually, they're here every morning. Hewani love their bread delivered nowadays.
Vex: Yep.
Ackerley: Now that you mention it, how come I've never seen Vex in here?
Barley: They're usually out of here by eight! Running late there, friend?
Vex: Ugh. There's this rich hew staying at the Inn. He's been making me collect fresh eggs for him every morning. Keeps causing all these delays for everyone and doesn't even tip.
Ackerley: Ah, that's awful. Friend of mine used to say, 'life in manors won't teach you manners.'
Ackerley: Would you like to stop by the library for tea with Barley and me later today? Just the three of us. You look like you could use a break.
Vex: ...I'll let you know.

Volume: Extras
Chapter: Sketch Scenes
Characters: Ackerley, Barley, Vex
Tags: Bonus Comics

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