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Posted on: August 7, 2023

Author's Notes

We get to see some more Mothorial fauna this week! The beedle ("bead" + "beetle") is a curious insect that can only be found outside Mothorial's deserts during the warmest months of the year. They have a clay carapace that feels powdery to the touch - it protects their beautiful, shimmering blue body and tinted wings. Beedles get their name from the peculiar circular hole in their carapace, and the bead-like shells that connect their limbs to the rest of their body. They inspire many a hewan to live their lives fully, through nature's unpredictable turns and life's harshest trails.
These little bugs' creature design is inspired by the 6000-year-old Iranian ceramic bead-making art of "Kharmohre" - silica clay beads covered in a shiny copper oxide glaze, that "magically" turn a very vibrant blue in the kiln!
While we had all this jibber-jabber, it looks like Wanderer got paid DLC shaders for his storytelling panels. Goddess knows where he got those from, I swear they were in our art cabinet! Hmmm...

Thank you to Equestrian Wastelander for his cameo, Wanderer!


Wanderer: But you choose when the game stops in the end, don't you?
Ava: Not really, when everyone thinks you're still playing it!
Wanderer: Eh, who cares what they think?
Ava: I do.
Ava: The world decides who you're gonna be, and they make that who you are.
Ava: No one believes I can change.
Ava: It feels like I'll always be the same kit in their eyes.
Ava: ...What's it gonna take?
Wanderer: Look... I'm a hunter.
Wanderer: I hunt food to sell food to put food on the table.
Wanderer: It's not an easy life.
Wanderer: I've had plenty of hewani tell me I made the wrong choice... but it's what I like to do.
Wanderer: Even if I run home with a glaarcus on my tail sometimes.
Wanderer: Being out there, doing what I love... that's a win in my book.
Wanderer: End of the day, you're living your truth. That's what matters.

Volume: Volume 1
Characters: Ava, Wanderer

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